The delightfully natural solution for transforming blight into beauty

Schedule your no obligation conservation grazing property evaluation

Conservation grazing (or as we once called it, goatscaping) is the world’s oldest, safest and most natural way to clear brush and overgrowth from any type of property. Hilly and rocky? Poison ivy or oak? No problem! Goats love these environments.

Our conservation grazing service is available for residential, commercial and municipal properties throughout southeast Michigan.

Schedule your “pre-assessment” call today. Site visits are $75 and will be applied as a credit to grazing job when your grazing job is scheduled.

Please contact us to book your appointment outside of Oakland County, MI.


Our goatscaping service is so easy to use:

  • We’ll review your property and give you a no obligation quote.
  • We bring everything needed – the trailer, goats and portable fencing.
  • We drop the goats off every morning, and bring them home every night.
  • A few days later, your property will be transformed from blight into beauty.
  • Questions? Call us at (248) 990-0414, or get in touch with the farm.